Solar System 3D Model



This solar system 3D model is a comprehensive and accurate representation of the eight planets, the sun, and the moon in our solar system. The model features a highly detailed design, with each planet’s unique features and characteristics accurately portrayed.


  1. Scale: The solar system model is designed to be 1:1 billion scale, giving users a realistic sense of the vast distances between the planets.
  2. Educational Value: The solar system 3D model has excellent educational value, making it an ideal tool for science teachers and students. It can be used to illustrate the relative sizes and distances of the planets, as well as their orbits and other unique features.

The solar system 3D model is an excellent addition to any educational or science-related project. Its accuracy and attention to detail make it an excellent tool for teaching and learning about the solar system, while its impressive design makes it a visually stunning addition to any project.


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